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We are a dynamic young company specializing in the training of Yacht Crew.
Let me begin by offering you a HUGE congratulations! I opened with the previous confession to convey to you that I have also been where you are. Just know that I have helped many people over the years to launch successful careers in the luxury yachting industry.
You may want the same for one of possibly many reasons:

  • You want to travel the world
  • You seek adventure and a sense of accomplishment
  • You want to explore a less conventional career path
  • You are on a quest to make and save great money, while also living life to the fullest
  • You have a background in hospitality and are looking for a new way to apply it. ( Or you have none whatsoever, but you think you would be great at it )
  • You have always loved the sea and you have always had the desire to get a breakthrough
  • Maybe you have never even been on a boat, but you have nothing tying you down and you wish to try
  • You yearn for a change in your life’s path, or you wish to take some time out from the one you are currently on, challenging yourself, expanding your horizons… maybe even doing a little soul-searching

And I am sure there are many others.
I, therefore, congratulate you on taking the first step toward your own personal objective. Becoming a crew-member on a luxury yacht is a career move that not only can grow your bank account, but also can enlarge your worldview. It’s about travel, it’s about providing service, and it’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone to become more knowledgeable about the world, its customs, and its diverse people. I know from firsthand experience that when you take on an adventure such as the one offered in the industry, you can discover an entirely new perspective on life.

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