Well, it’s no surprise that super yachts are owned by wealthy people. The super yacht industry knows no boundaries and the yacht owners come from all corners of the globe.

The yacht owners are people from varying backgrounds. It is true that some owners are movie stars and celebrities. The majority of the owners are wealthy business people, who prefer to stay away from the paparazzi and who prefer to have their identity kept secret.

The yachts are used for various reasons. Some are completely privately owned, others are for charter only, and the rest operate between these two positions.

Charter prices also range from tens of thousands, through to hundreds of thousands of Euro per week.

However super yachts share one common trait and that is pure LUXURY.

Owning a super yacht requires a great amount of wealth; a super yacht is very visible, very public. A super yacht is international; a thing of beauty to be shown off to the rest of the world. Therefore, many owners of super yachts want beautiful people to match their beautiful yacht.